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And So it Begins (Part II)

And So it Begins (Part I)

The Snake That Giveth Knowledge

Why Christians Should Not Take ANY Vaccines

Coronavirus is Not What Christians Should Be Fearing

The Wretched Man That I Am

How Can We Truly Love Our Enemies?

What Will Happen After The Rapture (Part II)

What Will Happen After The Rapture (Part I)

What Thinking Outside "The Box" Means for Christians

Understanding the Transgender Agenda

There is Power in the Blood!

Putting the #MarchForOurLives in Perspective

I Am Barabbas!

How Should Christians Interact with Homosexuals?

Revelation of the Method & Implied Consent

The Churches are All Infiltrated!

Are You Trying to Serve Two Masters?

Why Hebrew Roots is Heresy

It's Time to Disengage from the Media

The Blood of Christ is not Diluted!

Remember Lot's Wife

Are You Walking with Christ? (Part III)

Are You Walking with Christ? (Part II)

Are You Walking with Christ? (Part I)

Hearing From God

The Awful Truth

State of the Union [2017]

Where are your Treasures?

The Law has Already Been Fulfilled!

Christians Must Deny Themselves!

We are All Born Slaves to Sin

Eternal Security Makes God a Liar!

Order out of Chaos; Satan's Plan Explained (Part II)

Order out of Chaos; Satan's Plan Explained (Part I)

Hold Your Peace No Longer!

Peter's Vision of the Unclean Animals

It is Time to Wake Up!

Are You a Profitable Servant?

Are you Partaking of Jezebel's Table?

The Spirit Guides Us Into all Truth, Not the Pastor

The Basics of Faith (Part I)

The Old Law Doesn't Apply to Us, Period!

Beware the Preachers of Fear and Hatred

Jesus Does it All!

A Biblical View of the 'Synagogue of Satan'

We Must Rebuke Them Sharply!

Predestinated from the Foundation of the Earth

Water as a Commodity

Work Out Your Salvation, or Else!

We're Not Worthy, but Worthy is the Lamb!

What Legalized Gay Marriage Means for Christians

Choose Your Battlefield

To Live for Christ

Open Doorways

How Government Healthcare will Usher in the Antichrist

The Character Assassination of Bill Cosby (Part II)

Predestination is Not Evidence of Salvation

Are You Walking the Walk?

Can We Deny Christ and Still Go to Heaven?

Go and Sin No More

Turning the Grace of our God into Lasciviousness

Are You Willing to Drink From the Cup?

A Workman Worthy of His Meat

Unequally Yoked

Many Christians Will Be Left Behind!

The Most Dangerous Pastor in America?

The Character Assassination of Bill Cosby

Mind Control 101 (Part IV)

The Old Wine vs. the New

Will You Stand or Fall?

The Synagogue of Satan (Part III)

What is the Age of Aquarius?

The Synagogue of Satan (Part II)

The Synagogue of Satan (Part I)

The Final Dialectic

Live Your Best Life Later

The Flesh is Never Satisfied

Contemplating the Cross

The Ultimate Walk-In

The Fear of the Lord

The Unprofitable Servant

The 'Twice Dead'

New Video Series: "The Strong Delusion (Part I)"

Will You Be a Bigot for Christ?

Whom Shall I Fear?

What Turning the Other Cheek Really Means

O, Wretched Man That I Am!

Mother of Harlots, Thy Name is Jezebel

How to Stop and Prevent Demonic Attacks


Who is Yeshua?

Will You Be Found Worthy to Escape?

Are You Prepared for Judgment Day?

Weakness, Fear and Trembling

Let No Man Take Thy Crown

Nebuchadnezzar's Other Dream

False Doctrine: Name it and Claim it

Dead to the Law

The Deep and Secret Things

Signs and Lying Wonders

Rebecca Brown Shows Her True Colors (Part II)

Rebecca Brown Shows Her True Colors

Beware the Leaven

Mind Control 101 (Part III)

Mind Control 101 (Part II)

Children of a Different God

Overcoming Church Mind Control

We Shall See His Face

Ye Shall Be as Gods

Asclepius, Caduceus and the Transhuman Agenda

The Feminization of America is Complete

The Jezebel Spirit (Part IV)

William Booth: Salvation Army Founder, Freemason

I Never Knew You

Holy Spirit Conviction or Self Condemnation?

Mind Control 101 (Part I)

The Jezebel Spirit (Part III)

The Jezebel Spirit (Part II)

The Jezebel Spirit (Part I)

Why We Must Know our Adversary

Do You Know Jesus?

Christ Will Reject the Whorish Bride

The Strong Delusion (Part II)

The Sure Signs of a False Salvation

God Loves Fags

Clues you are Dealing with Witches

The Strong Delusion (Part I)

Salvation: A Non-Negotiable, Legally Binding Contract with God

The Pagan Symbols of Christianity

Why Symbols Matter

We Are Not Appointed Unto Wrath

Has Your Food Been Sacrificed to Idols?

The Real Power Behind the Unity Movement

Do You Demand a Sign?

The Falling Away

We Must Exercise our Spiritual Authority

Secrets of the Sacred Name Cult (Part V)

The Communion Deception

Overcoming Temptation

A Pig in the Muck or Sheep in a Pit?

Understanding the World Economy

What are your Thorns?

Faith, Righteousness and the First Works

A Man Called Peter

Have You Been Seven Times Purified?

Choose Your Weapons

Fighting the Good Fight

Behold, it is Written

To Whom Do You Yield?

Spin Doctors in the Pulpits

A Living, New Language

The Life Force

Dealing with Mass Mind Control

Are You Wretched?

Can Christians Be Cursed?

How to Escape the Illuminati and Gain Eternal Life

The Final Fall of Mankind (Part II)

The Final Fall of Mankind (Part I)

En Garde!

Do You Hate Sin?

How Satan Defeats Christians

Remember Thy First Love

Who is Jezebel?

Prepare for War (Part III)

The Mark of the Beast (Part IV)

The Mark of the Beast (Part III)

The Mark of the Beast (Part II)

The Law is Dead to Us

The Mark of the Beast (Part I)

A Final Warning to Apostate Pastors

There's No Salvation Through Religion

Spiritual Warfare (Part III)

The Mystery of Iniquity (Part X)

Who Are the True Higher Powers?

Spiritual Warfare (Part II)

Spiritual Warfare (Part I)

Swords to Plowshares

Traps and Snares

Salvation is All or Nothing

Prepare for War (Part II)

The True Purpose of Communion

The Truth About Repentance

Prepare for War (Part I)

The Mystery of Iniquity (Part IX)

The Mystery of Iniquity (Part VIII)

God is Our Final Authority

Study Topic: Sirius

Shake the Dust From your Feet

Will You Let Them Take Your Crown?

Liberty and Aleister Crowley

Blueprint for a Heretical Sermon

The Mystery of Iniquity (Part VII)

A Last Day Return to the Power of Truth

A Gospel of Leaven (Part IV)

A Gospel of Leaven (Part III)

A Gospel of Leaven (Part II)

A Gospel of Leaven (Part I)

The Mystery of Iniquity (Part VI)

The Second Seal

The Purpose of Our Sin Nature

The Mystery of Iniquity (Part V)

Take Up Your Cross and Don't Look Back

The Mystery of Iniquity (Part IV)

The Mystery of Iniquity (Part III)

The Mystery of Iniquity (Part II)

The Mystery of Iniquity (Part I)

Secrets of the Sacred Name Cult (Part IV)

Don't Be Enslaved by Emotions

The Wail of the Unfaithful Servant

How to Prepare for the Coming World Crisis

Do You Have Holes in Your Hedge?

Secrets of the Sacred Name Cult (Part III)

Secrets of the Sacred Name Cult (Part II)

Secrets of the Sacred Name Cult (Part I)

The Spiritual Identity of Mystery, Babylon

Body, Soul and Spirit

Understanding the Sacrifice of Cain

The Sheep Without a Shepherd

Do You Receive the Word with Gladness?

The Age of Aquarius is Upon Us!

Christmas Afterthoughts

His Name is Jesus

The Doors of Perception

Follow the Shepherd, Not the Sheep!

You Need Proof? We Have a Witness!

God On My Terms

Are Teachers Really Necessary?

The True Source of Freedom

We Must Tell Them!

What is Righteousness?

Hath God Said?

The Heart of a Servant

Created for a Purpose

By Both Faith and Works

We Must Hold Fast

Satan's Attack on God's Word

Do You Resist Truth?

Salvation: The Free Gift That Costs Everything

What's Holding You Back?

Skilled in the Word of Righteousness

Who Chose Who?

Is God's Love Unconditional?

Just As I Am?

Faith (Part IV)

The Christ I Know

Faith (Part III)

Faith (Part II)

Faith (Part I)

Contending for the Faith

Once Saved, Always Saved? (Part VI)

Who We Are in Christ (Part II)

Who We Are in Christ (Part I)

Making our Final Preparations

Narrow is the Path

Who Will Stand as David Did?

Hedges Can Be Broken

A Heart of Flesh

Do You Love Truth?

My Strength is Made Perfect in Weakness

The Mind and the Will (Part I)

Less Jesus, More…?

How We Must Fight

The Revelation of Jesus Christ (Part I)

The Revelation of Jesus Christ (Part II)

Taking the Plunge!

Moving Beyond, Breaking Through

A Clean, New Heart

Givin' it to the Man

Will Your Words Justify or Condemn You?

We Shall Be Saved

Look Up!

America Will Burn (Part I)

America Will Burn (Part II)

Spoiled Houses (Part I)

Spoiled Houses (Part II)

A Convergence of Paths

The Door Shall Close

Are Christians Under the Law? (Part I)

Are Christians Under the Law? (Part II)

Conquering the Spirit of This Age

The Dawn of a New Age

Knowing Our Adversary (Part I)

Knowing Our Adversary (Part II)

Knowing Our Adversary (Part III)

Knowing Our Adversary (Part IV)

Knowing Our Adversary (Part V)

Knowing Our Adversary (Part VI)

Knowing Our Adversary (Part VII)

Knowing Our Adversary (Part VIII)

Knowing Our Adversary (Part IX)

Knowing Our Adversary (Part X)

Tearing Down Walls

Beware of the Scribes

Lessons in the Desert

The Mistakes Don't Count!

Some Are Saved With Fear

We Who Are Sinners

Dealing With God (Part I)

Dealing With God (Part II)

Dealing With God (Part III)

Dealing With God (Part IV)

Just Ask!

Dying of Thirst While Drowning

What Does it Mean to Judge? (Part I)

What Does it Mean to Judge? (Part II)

Get the Flesh Under Control

Running the Race

Who Do You Walk in Agreement With?

Hope During Times of Disaster

We Are Not Basically "Good"

Compassion, Not Condemnation

Living a Life That Shakes the Spirit World

The Truth is Love

Should We Judge Others?

Destruction of the Flesh

Wheat, Tares and Chaff

Strengthen Thy Brethren

Hate in its Proper Perspective

To Patiently Endure

Be a Berean

Are You a Servant or Friend?

This Matter of Sin (Part I)

This Matter of Sin (Part II)

Ravenous Wolf or Confused Sheep? (Part I)

Ravenous Wolf or Confused Sheep? (Part II)

Sir, We Would See Jesus

Conquering the Spirit of Fear

Fair Weather Christians

Are You Suffering for Christ? Good!

Struggling with Guilt? Don't!

Struggling with Sin? Good!

Once Saved, Always Saved? (Part I)

Once Saved, Always Saved? (Part II)

Once Saved, Always Saved? (Part III)

Once Saved, Always Saved? (Part IV)

Once Saved, Always Saved? (Part V)

What Price Salvation?

A Rushing Mighty Wind is Coming!

Drive Out the Wolves

Are Your Garments Spotless?

A Parable of Four Servants

The Spirit of Truth

Are You Ready to Suffer?

Social Justice in the Church

Judge Not? (Part I)

Judge Not? (Part II)

Choose Now Whom You Will Serve!

The Present Laodicean Church (Part I)

The Present Laodicean Church (Part II)

Does This Sound Familiar?

Microsoft ♥Hearts♥ the Mark of the Beast?

Walking on the Water

The Purpose of Parables

God Has No Step Children

The Dream is Certain, and the Interpretation Thereof Sure


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